Monday, May 11, 2009

Jewelry for Spring & Summer 2009

The Trend for Spring & Summer 2009

Looking as fresh as the season and sparkling like the water in the pool this summer, starts with some basics and fun to show your style. Maybe you can’t afford to buy the latest designer fashions, but updating an outfit this spring and summer can be accomplished simply be adding the bling of a stunning necklace or a pair of yummy earrings. Enhancing your wardrobe with beautiful jewelry is fast and inexpensive; perhaps you have some great pieces that you haven’t considered wearing with outdoor activities. Here are some of 2009’s spring trends to consider.

  • Go Organic!
    Get your color from beads, coral, gemstones and wood. Versatility, brilliant colors and mixtures of textures are so interesting and fun while adding just the extra you need to make your statement. Mixed beads are always an up-beat and fun accessory as are the brilliance of semiprecious stones. In, this spring, is onyx, jade, turquoise, coral, and wood (especially bamboo). All natural – all appealing!
  • Ever Popular Silver
    The sparkle of silver speaks of value, quality and status. Remember, silver is timeless. Gold prices out of reach? Use silver to get the wow-factor. It is great fun to mix textures here too. Sparkling silver combined with brushed, buffed, or oxidized silver and copper, brass or gold-clad add “vintage” to “now”.
  • How Charming?
    Necks and arms are exposed as sleeves move up and necklines drop. Look in the mirror and notice how lonely a neck can be and that long, barren highway up your arm. Charms, multi-colored bracelets and necklaces alone or stacked will add the interest, color and charm to make the lonely exciting.
  • Stack'en
    The wrists were made for stacking. A stack of bracelets is a great way to add flavor and excitement to your wrists. Stacking necklaces are a dramatic addition. Also to flatter your build - a short necklace can downplay a large bust; a long necklace will make you look taller and thinner.

    Spring into Spring and Summer with colors, combinations, silver or mixed metals and add pizzazz with natural textures. The direction for 2009 is more free and exciting than ever. The natural and the glitzy look are in for ’09’s warming trend.

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