Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fashion Personality Quiz

1. My favorite colors include:
a. Beige, putty, creams, grey-green
b. Ivory, navy, grey, dark brown
c. Pink, mauve, baby blue, lavender
d. Red, black, orange, chartreuse, turquoise

2. My favorite fabrics are:
a. Cotton, tinsel, ramie, all natural fibers, cotton knits, wash and wear styles
b. Fine, quality fabrics - silks, wools, elegant tweeds, soft cashmeres
c. Velvets, lace, brocades, embroidered materials
d. Suede, leather, patterned pashmina, fur, beaded material

3. My favorite hairstyle is:
a. Casual, straight or curly, wash and wear maintenance
b. Controlled, medium length, perhaps pulled back, conservative color
c. Long, loose, wavy, or curled
d. Sleek and straight, perhaps asymmetrical

4. My favorite shoes are:
a. Loafers, deck shoes, hiking boots, plain flat pumps
b. Spectator pumps, riding boots, finest quality flats and pumps
c. Ballet flats, lace-up boots, delicate sling-backs, Mary-Janes
d. Suede boots, multi-colored and multi-fabric heels, geometric slides

5. My favorite accessories include:
a. Jewelry made with silver and stones, wood, or shells, cotton bandanas or simple scarves, simple hand-tooled leather belts and purses
b. Fine silk designer-type scarves, pearls, medium size jewelry, diamond or CZ studs
c. Lace scarves, floral design jewelry, fabric belts, indelicate colors, filigree
d. Bold geometric jewelry, pashmina or oversized shawls and wraps, large suede, velvet, or leather bags

6. My ideal weekend would be:
a. Spent, snowboarding, skiing, or golfing
b. At a country home with sailing and family dinner on the agenda
c. At a romantic bed and breakfast with cozy breakfasts and candlelight dinners
d. At an exotic locale, sightseeing, dining and shopping

7. My favorite clothes are:
a. Comfortable, simply styled wash and wear separates
b. Tailored, classic separates or suits
c. Soft, draping lines, ruffles and lace
d. Straight, spare lines, geometric, asymmetrical shapes

8. I am often described as:
a. Down to earth, practical, warm
b. Elegant, tasteful, confident
c. Feminine, caring, romantic
d. Creative, assertive, colorful, dynamic

9. The celebrities I most identify with include:
a. Meg Ryan, Sally Field, Helen Hunt, Jane Fonda, Sandra Bullock.
b. Candice Bergen, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Gweneth Paltrow.
c. Jane Seymour, Jaclyn Smith, Nicole Kidman, Amy Irving.
d. Madonna, Cher, Ivana Trump, Charlize Theron.

TOTALS: A's ______ B's ______ C's ______ D's______

What personality are you?

If you find that A's are predominant, then you may consider yourself a NATURAL, with a relaxed easy style, and unassuming manner. You generally have no interest in being a "clothes horse," nor do you care about standing out in a crowd. Your colors are natural and muted and your jewelry is never flashy.

If you count more B's than other letters, then you have a CLASSIC fashion personality. Your ideal is understated elegance. You generally prefer neutral, basic colors, but you occasionally don pastels or brights if they have a classic, timeless cut. Your jewelry is chic and simple, your makeup polished, but light.

If you chose more of the C's you are considered a fashion ROMANTIC. You are alluring and feminine and prefer shades associated with the Venusians gender, such as pinks, plums, and lavenders. Your clothing has a soft flowing line. Your jewelry is delicate, sometimes antique in appearance.

If you have chosen more D's than other answers, then you are a true DRAMATIC, extremely bold in your style and personality. You can get away with strong clear colors and bold lines that would appear shocking on others, but are just right on you. Your jewelry can be large and quite noticeable and your makeup often follows the latest trends.
Fashion Personality Types

Think comfortable, yet chic, sporty and healthy with a relaxed easy style. Naturals never want to look overdone. You prefer natural fabrics that breathe (like cotton & denim). You never dress flashy and prefer smaller jewelry. Earthy designs; chunks of stone, bone and mother of pearl. (Ex. Meg Ryan, Helen Hunt … Gap, Land’s End)

Think understated elegance-classic, tailored clothing. Your jewelry is chic and simple, never over or underdone. You enjoy time-honored quality and design. Classics wear streamlined clothing with simple lines, and love cashmere, wool, silk and linen. (Ex. Grace Kelly, Candice Bergen … Talbots, Ann Taylor)

Think feminine, floral, vintage & enchanting. You prefer floral, pastels, lace & ruffles. You love antique-looking jewelry, beading & pastel colors. You wear fabrics that move gracefully, and may have ribbon, lace or a bow for detail. (Ex. Jane Seymour, Nicole Kidman … Boutiques.)

Think bold and eye catching, in color, prints, and jewelry. You follow the latest trends in clothing, hairstyles, and make-up. You have many different shoes and handbags for matching outfits. (Ex. Joan Collins, Cher, Madonna, J Lo).

Friday, September 18, 2009

Diamonds and Silver and Hoops, Oh My! (And Don't Forget The Pearls)

Diamonds are a girls best friend … Marilyn Monroe had it right, but in a pinch, you can still look glamorous wearing any piece of cubic zirconia jewelry.

When in doubt, wear silver. Gold jewelry is for some, but silver jewelry is truly for everyone. Definitely more affordable than gold, and it usually goes with anything. Or if you really want a good necklace, go gold vermeil. However, there's no need to fear mixing silver and gold. This is a HOT look!

Hoops, hoops, hoops … big or small, they work for just about everyone. Simple, elegant, and perfect for any occasion, hoop earrings are a great and affordable piece for any jewelry collection. No girl with an earring fetish has less than one pair of hoops.

Feminine pearls are the perfect trend-proof accessory to compliment the more structured styles of the fall. Wear gray pearls with black for a sexy tonal look; or choose layers of creamy white pearls worn with a simple black sheath dress for a perfect cocktail dress look.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall & Winter Watch Trends

As with all the new Fall & Winter trends, watches are following in the big, bold and unique theme. Huge cuff watches are as popluar as the cuff bracelets, as well as interchangeable bands and mixing silver and gold.

Check out some of my beautiful Premier Designs watches.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jewelry Trends - Fall and Winter 2009-2010

Jewelry Trends - Fall 2009

Multi-Chain Necklaces
Designers are featuring several collections of multi-chain necklaces in gleaming gold, brushed gold and chrome silver. Fall 2009 jewelry collections will include oversized multi-chain necklaces embellished with medallions, metal balls and oversized gemstones.

Statement Necklaces
From giant metal flowers to big rocks and stones, Fall 2009 jewelry trends lean towards necklaces that make a big statement. They’re the type of pieces that will transform a simple casual outfit into something glamorous, and are best worn with neutral colors and minimal makeup for the Fall 2009 season.

Chandelier Earrings
The Indian and exotic-inspired collections stay strong for the Fall 2009 season, except this season adds garnet, topaz, black diamond and pink gold stones and accents to the mix. Look for Oversized chandelier earrings with seed bead detailing for a fresh new look this Fall.

Bib Necklaces
Bib necklaces are the necklaces that have two to three layers of gemstones, flowers, or chains stacked against each other to form a ‘bib’ shape around the neck. These are perfect for Fall’s plunging necklines and v-neck tops and dresses, and are one type of statement necklace. You can find these in an assortment of colors and designs, but Fall 2009 trends lean towards the metal and vintage styles.

Metal Discs and Leaf Designs
Mesh chains embellished with metal discs, oversized metal flowers, bronze leaf cutouts and even feather motifs are adding some drama and a touch of luxury to the Fall 2009 jewelry lineup.

Jewelry Trends - Winter 2009-2010

The winning trends for Winter 2009-2010:
¨ Big and bold
¨ Dramatic, unique, unusual necklaces
¨ Huge cuff bracelets with big stones
¨ Natural stones, eclectic natural look
¨ Swarovski crystals
¨ Black
¨ Multi-strand necklaces
¨ Pearls
¨ Cocktail rings with huge stones
¨ Big hoop earrings

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jewelry for Spring & Summer 2009

The Trend for Spring & Summer 2009

Looking as fresh as the season and sparkling like the water in the pool this summer, starts with some basics and fun to show your style. Maybe you can’t afford to buy the latest designer fashions, but updating an outfit this spring and summer can be accomplished simply be adding the bling of a stunning necklace or a pair of yummy earrings. Enhancing your wardrobe with beautiful jewelry is fast and inexpensive; perhaps you have some great pieces that you haven’t considered wearing with outdoor activities. Here are some of 2009’s spring trends to consider.

  • Go Organic!
    Get your color from beads, coral, gemstones and wood. Versatility, brilliant colors and mixtures of textures are so interesting and fun while adding just the extra you need to make your statement. Mixed beads are always an up-beat and fun accessory as are the brilliance of semiprecious stones. In, this spring, is onyx, jade, turquoise, coral, and wood (especially bamboo). All natural – all appealing!
  • Ever Popular Silver
    The sparkle of silver speaks of value, quality and status. Remember, silver is timeless. Gold prices out of reach? Use silver to get the wow-factor. It is great fun to mix textures here too. Sparkling silver combined with brushed, buffed, or oxidized silver and copper, brass or gold-clad add “vintage” to “now”.
  • How Charming?
    Necks and arms are exposed as sleeves move up and necklines drop. Look in the mirror and notice how lonely a neck can be and that long, barren highway up your arm. Charms, multi-colored bracelets and necklaces alone or stacked will add the interest, color and charm to make the lonely exciting.
  • Stack'en
    The wrists were made for stacking. A stack of bracelets is a great way to add flavor and excitement to your wrists. Stacking necklaces are a dramatic addition. Also to flatter your build - a short necklace can downplay a large bust; a long necklace will make you look taller and thinner.

    Spring into Spring and Summer with colors, combinations, silver or mixed metals and add pizzazz with natural textures. The direction for 2009 is more free and exciting than ever. The natural and the glitzy look are in for ’09’s warming trend.

Friday, April 10, 2009

And The Winner Is ...

Congratulations Laura Alexander!!! You are the lucky winner of the Blanca bracelet and a 20% off certificate for Premier Designs jewelry. Danyelle and I will get this to you as soon as possible and I can't wait to hear from you.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Danyelle's contest. I truly enjoyed receiving all of your comments and I apologize for not responding personally (it's been a busy few weeks around here)!

Thank you, Danyelle, for letting me be a part of the contest and hopefully we can do this again in the future.

By the way, I just conducted a bridal themed jewelry show in which I was able to help the bride-to-be receive all of her bridal jewelry and the bridal party's jewelry, free of charge for hosting her own Premier Designs jewelry show. They were delighted with their jewelry and feel it is something they will truly be able to wear after the wedding.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Calling All Brides

Please be sure to check out my friend Danyelle's wedding blog at for a chance to win a free bracelet and 20% coupon for my Premier Designs jewelry. She has posted a great topic on costume jewelry versus high fashion jewelry for your wedding. Thanks Danyelle!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Fashion Tips

1. Stacked bracelets and necklaces continue to be a popular jewelry trend. Try wearing a plain silver or gold chain framed by a longer colorful bead necklace.

2. Stacking bracelets and wearing a 3/4 lenght sleeve has a slimming affect.

3. Wide cuff bracelets are an option if you don't want to stack / wear multiples on your wrist.

4. Mix up metals and other materials. Groups are more interesting if they don't match. Don't be afraid to wear gold and silver together or different colors.

5. Wear contrasting shapes all the time if you have a round body build.

6. Anything dangling, such as earrings, make a body silhouette appear slim.

7. Jewelry is an effective focal point of the viewer's eye to distract attention away from any body flaws.

8. Gold tones fit almost any skin color.

9. Mixing real diamonds with fake diamonds will make the real diamonds look fake.

10. Turquoise jewelry looks great with an orange shirt / blouse.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Have Nothing To Wear!!!

How many times have you gone to your closet and thrown your arms in the air saying, “I have nothing to wear”? Let’s be honest, ladies, we’ve all been there. But a stranger walking into your closet would probably see a closet overflowing with clothes and think you had lost your mind.

In reality, it’s probably not that you have nothing to wear, rather it’s more a problem of being ACCESSORY DEPRIVED. Repeat after me, ladies, "I DO have clothes to wear and I don't need a closet full of clothes to pull together a fabulous outfit". Nothing makes an outfit work better than the right accessories.

All you really need in your wardrobe are a few basic pieces, such as a simple pair of black or gray slacks and/or skirt, a pair of khakis, a nice pair of jeans, a white button-up blouse, a few solid color tops with or without a coordinating jacket. From there, you can make a variety of outfits with different pieces of jewelry … gold, silver, two-toned, copper, beads, pearls or bling … your choices are limitless!!!

You can wear a simple chain or stack several necklaces together for a completely different look. The same can be done with bracelets. It's said that stacking bracelets has a slimming affect, so give it a shot and see how it works for you.

Until next time ladies, remember that you always have something to wear as long as you have the right accessories!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


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