Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Fashion Tips

1. Stacked bracelets and necklaces continue to be a popular jewelry trend. Try wearing a plain silver or gold chain framed by a longer colorful bead necklace.

2. Stacking bracelets and wearing a 3/4 lenght sleeve has a slimming affect.

3. Wide cuff bracelets are an option if you don't want to stack / wear multiples on your wrist.

4. Mix up metals and other materials. Groups are more interesting if they don't match. Don't be afraid to wear gold and silver together or different colors.

5. Wear contrasting shapes all the time if you have a round body build.

6. Anything dangling, such as earrings, make a body silhouette appear slim.

7. Jewelry is an effective focal point of the viewer's eye to distract attention away from any body flaws.

8. Gold tones fit almost any skin color.

9. Mixing real diamonds with fake diamonds will make the real diamonds look fake.

10. Turquoise jewelry looks great with an orange shirt / blouse.

1 comment:

  1. This is great info, Laura. Speaking of mixing up bracelets, the other day I wore the silver "lookin' good" bracelet with two of my Venetian bracelets (which have all different shapes of colored stones in turquoise green, white, pink, etc) and was surprised by how good they looked together! I would have never put them together except that I was trying to decide which set I wanted to wear and put them on at the same time. You should try it out!