Friday, September 18, 2009

Diamonds and Silver and Hoops, Oh My! (And Don't Forget The Pearls)

Diamonds are a girls best friend … Marilyn Monroe had it right, but in a pinch, you can still look glamorous wearing any piece of cubic zirconia jewelry.

When in doubt, wear silver. Gold jewelry is for some, but silver jewelry is truly for everyone. Definitely more affordable than gold, and it usually goes with anything. Or if you really want a good necklace, go gold vermeil. However, there's no need to fear mixing silver and gold. This is a HOT look!

Hoops, hoops, hoops … big or small, they work for just about everyone. Simple, elegant, and perfect for any occasion, hoop earrings are a great and affordable piece for any jewelry collection. No girl with an earring fetish has less than one pair of hoops.

Feminine pearls are the perfect trend-proof accessory to compliment the more structured styles of the fall. Wear gray pearls with black for a sexy tonal look; or choose layers of creamy white pearls worn with a simple black sheath dress for a perfect cocktail dress look.

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  1. Superb discussion about Silvers and Diamonds

    Hope to see more Christian Jewelry collections from your side.