Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fashion Personality Quiz

1. My favorite colors include:
a. Beige, putty, creams, grey-green
b. Ivory, navy, grey, dark brown
c. Pink, mauve, baby blue, lavender
d. Red, black, orange, chartreuse, turquoise

2. My favorite fabrics are:
a. Cotton, tinsel, ramie, all natural fibers, cotton knits, wash and wear styles
b. Fine, quality fabrics - silks, wools, elegant tweeds, soft cashmeres
c. Velvets, lace, brocades, embroidered materials
d. Suede, leather, patterned pashmina, fur, beaded material

3. My favorite hairstyle is:
a. Casual, straight or curly, wash and wear maintenance
b. Controlled, medium length, perhaps pulled back, conservative color
c. Long, loose, wavy, or curled
d. Sleek and straight, perhaps asymmetrical

4. My favorite shoes are:
a. Loafers, deck shoes, hiking boots, plain flat pumps
b. Spectator pumps, riding boots, finest quality flats and pumps
c. Ballet flats, lace-up boots, delicate sling-backs, Mary-Janes
d. Suede boots, multi-colored and multi-fabric heels, geometric slides

5. My favorite accessories include:
a. Jewelry made with silver and stones, wood, or shells, cotton bandanas or simple scarves, simple hand-tooled leather belts and purses
b. Fine silk designer-type scarves, pearls, medium size jewelry, diamond or CZ studs
c. Lace scarves, floral design jewelry, fabric belts, indelicate colors, filigree
d. Bold geometric jewelry, pashmina or oversized shawls and wraps, large suede, velvet, or leather bags

6. My ideal weekend would be:
a. Spent, snowboarding, skiing, or golfing
b. At a country home with sailing and family dinner on the agenda
c. At a romantic bed and breakfast with cozy breakfasts and candlelight dinners
d. At an exotic locale, sightseeing, dining and shopping

7. My favorite clothes are:
a. Comfortable, simply styled wash and wear separates
b. Tailored, classic separates or suits
c. Soft, draping lines, ruffles and lace
d. Straight, spare lines, geometric, asymmetrical shapes

8. I am often described as:
a. Down to earth, practical, warm
b. Elegant, tasteful, confident
c. Feminine, caring, romantic
d. Creative, assertive, colorful, dynamic

9. The celebrities I most identify with include:
a. Meg Ryan, Sally Field, Helen Hunt, Jane Fonda, Sandra Bullock.
b. Candice Bergen, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Gweneth Paltrow.
c. Jane Seymour, Jaclyn Smith, Nicole Kidman, Amy Irving.
d. Madonna, Cher, Ivana Trump, Charlize Theron.

TOTALS: A's ______ B's ______ C's ______ D's______

What personality are you?

If you find that A's are predominant, then you may consider yourself a NATURAL, with a relaxed easy style, and unassuming manner. You generally have no interest in being a "clothes horse," nor do you care about standing out in a crowd. Your colors are natural and muted and your jewelry is never flashy.

If you count more B's than other letters, then you have a CLASSIC fashion personality. Your ideal is understated elegance. You generally prefer neutral, basic colors, but you occasionally don pastels or brights if they have a classic, timeless cut. Your jewelry is chic and simple, your makeup polished, but light.

If you chose more of the C's you are considered a fashion ROMANTIC. You are alluring and feminine and prefer shades associated with the Venusians gender, such as pinks, plums, and lavenders. Your clothing has a soft flowing line. Your jewelry is delicate, sometimes antique in appearance.

If you have chosen more D's than other answers, then you are a true DRAMATIC, extremely bold in your style and personality. You can get away with strong clear colors and bold lines that would appear shocking on others, but are just right on you. Your jewelry can be large and quite noticeable and your makeup often follows the latest trends.
Fashion Personality Types

Think comfortable, yet chic, sporty and healthy with a relaxed easy style. Naturals never want to look overdone. You prefer natural fabrics that breathe (like cotton & denim). You never dress flashy and prefer smaller jewelry. Earthy designs; chunks of stone, bone and mother of pearl. (Ex. Meg Ryan, Helen Hunt … Gap, Land’s End)

Think understated elegance-classic, tailored clothing. Your jewelry is chic and simple, never over or underdone. You enjoy time-honored quality and design. Classics wear streamlined clothing with simple lines, and love cashmere, wool, silk and linen. (Ex. Grace Kelly, Candice Bergen … Talbots, Ann Taylor)

Think feminine, floral, vintage & enchanting. You prefer floral, pastels, lace & ruffles. You love antique-looking jewelry, beading & pastel colors. You wear fabrics that move gracefully, and may have ribbon, lace or a bow for detail. (Ex. Jane Seymour, Nicole Kidman … Boutiques.)

Think bold and eye catching, in color, prints, and jewelry. You follow the latest trends in clothing, hairstyles, and make-up. You have many different shoes and handbags for matching outfits. (Ex. Joan Collins, Cher, Madonna, J Lo).